Due to various known or unknown reasons a number of times your skin could be more sensitive and not ready for a procedure like waxing which could result in skin peel. 

When to be cautious before waxing:

You're pregnant, take birth control, hormone replacement or antibiotics. Your skin may be more sensitive, so it's best to have a patch test (like a small area on your arm) and see how your skin reacts for 24 hours before getting an entire eyebrow or other body part wax.

You take blood thinners, have diabetes, phlebitis or want post-cancer hair growth in the side-burn area removed. These all relate to medical conditions, so first get your doctor's approval first.

​You use powerful exfoliators on your skin. ​Salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, white willow bark, white willow bark extract and enzymes all strip cells from the skin. It's all too much exfoliation combined with waxing and could make skin red, bleed or even turn scabby. It's recommended to stop using these products in the area getting waxed for at least three days before, and three to four days after the hair has been removed.

Recently after skin treatment that contains Glycolic acid or any for of Retin or Retinol or  any other ingredient which helps in cellular regeneration by removing top layer of skin.

You recently drank a lot of caffeine or alcohol. These stimulants in your system can cause the skin to be extra sensitive to waxing because they can cause water retention, and leave skin more red or inflamed than usual. Give yourself a couple hours after drinking a large amount of coffee or alcohol before getting waxed. 

Real or fake sun exposed. If you have been in direct sunlight for a long period of time or went to a tanning bed within the last 24 hours. Wait at least a day or two to get hair removed, or longer until your skin has healed if you got burned.

When Not to Get Waxed

These are often called waxing contraindications when it could be harmful to you to use this hair removal method.

You currently take Accutane or have stopped taking it less than a year ago.
You're taking any prescription acne medication. 
You have lupus or AIDS.
You're in cancer therapy getting chemotherapy or radiation.

Consult your esthetician before your treatment.

Full Legs & Brazilian                                      $85

Full Legs & French Bikini                               $75

Full Legs & Bikini                                           $65

Body Wax - men

Under Arms                                             $16

Full Arms                                                 $35

Half Arms                                                $25 

Upper Legs                                             $30

Lower Legs                                             $26

Full Legs                                                 $48& up

Bikini                                                       $20

French Bikini                                           $30

Brazilian                                                  $45& up

Buttocks                                                  $20

Between 2 Mountains                             $11

Back or Front                                          $38

Breast                                                     $20

Abdomen                                                $20

Fingers/Toes                                           $10

Full Body Wax                                        $190

(from neck to toes)

Body Wax - Women

No double dipping of spatulas. Always clean wax on your skin.

Chest/Back                                             $40& up

Arms                                                       $40& up

Waxing Packages