Semi permanent make-up that lasts 2 - 3 yrs.

Microblading is a perfect solution for those who love fuller

brows, fill-in overly plucked brows, cover gaps, looking

forward for more defined brows or to get a 
custom brow shape. Microblading is not drawing tattoos on

your brows. Its more precise and fine procedure of drawing hair strokes that resembles your natural hair growth.

Microblading is multiple Visit procedure performed by our certified artist(s). 

First appointment takes roughly 30-40 Minutes to understand your brow shape 

requirement and discuss how our Microblading experts can help you.

Second visit takes 2.5 hrs to 3 Hrs. Our expert will draw brow shape as discussed in first appointment and draw hair strokes inside it.

Third Visit takes roughly 2-3 Hrs to touch up if required.

Procedure costs $350. Which includes $50 Consultation payable on first appointment 

and $300 for Microblading payable on second appointment.

First touch costs $100 recommended between 6 to 8 week from first procedure.

Paris Studio(lower level across SportChek)

Lougheed Mall, Burnaby BC


Premier Brow Bar
Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam BC


Premier Brow Bar

Exclusively at Ritual Spa(Across H & M)

HighStreet Mall, Abbotsford BC


Art of Creating Brows

Nearly all brows or lashes require some color - YES it's true. 

Brow or Lash Tinting at Premier Brow Bar is not a dramatic change to your whole appearance.

Our experts at Premier Brow Bar are highly trained at choosing perfect color to suit your skin and hair and color will not stain your skin.

Add WOW to your Brows & Lashes

Men grooming

Thread is being used for hair epilation from centuries. A number of hair epilation techniques developed in last few decades but thread always been trusted for percise hair removal. Waxing or sugaring may leave some hair but thread takes care of all.

Why thread?

We can thread or wax all unwanted hair starting from forehead to neck & leave your skin silky, smooth and hair free.

What can we do for you?

Brow Shaping | Our Passion

Men do not need that high​ arch but a tidy up will make that subtle difference to your whole appearance.

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