COVID19 Safety Plan

COVID-19: The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads in several ways, including through droplets when a person coughs or sneezes, and from touching a contaminated surface before touching the face.

Following information is communicated to staff, clients and public health authorities via our website, telephone or emails.

We are all in this together!

Managing the workplace
  • Occupancy limit of studio has been decreased to 8 Maximum that includes staff
  • No client will be allowed to enter studio without mask
  • Estheticians will work on stations that permit 2 meter rule of physical distancing
  • All clients will be asked to check-in at reception to have their information entered into our sms based queue management system. An sms will be sent to your mobile from our queue management system when we are almost ready to see you
  • Benches in waiting area are currently not available, No client can wait inside waiting area
  • Magazines have been removed
  • We do not have testers
  • Retail products are behind reception desk that prevents people standing closely and touching them
  • coat hanger is not available for clients
  • staff’s coffee and lunch breaks have been staggered
  • pictogram have been posted at sinks to remind everyone about 20sec hand wash instruction
  • We discourage exchange of physical currency and accept payments thru debit or credit only
Client Management
  • Clients are pre-screened with scripted questions by our receptionist when booking or checking-in to ensure they are not ill or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. A sign on the door reminding them of this policy and receptionist will again confirm this upon entry.
  • Clients are to wait outside before their appointment
  • Clients must arrive alone. If they need transport or support person that person must wait outside the studio and may not enter Premier Brow Bar
  • We do not allow group bookings
  • Maximum occupancy signs is posted at the entrance. In phase of re-opening we will have 2 staff to manage front desk and reception. And 2 staffs to work on clients
  • Walk-in clients are not allowed to enter studio. Our staff at entrance will help them checking-in to our sms based queue management system and clients will be notified by an sms when we are ready to see them. Clients can wait in their cars until sms is received.
  • No hugs or hand shakes allowed between staff and clients
  • Clients must wash hands at our handwashing sink or sanitize hands with alcohal based hand sanitzer provided at studio
  • No foods or drinks are allowed inside studio at this time
  • Workers will wash hands
    • before and after each client
    • before and after breaks
    • after using restroom
    • after handling cash
    • after putting on their mask and face shield
    • after sanitizing tools
    • after any time they touch an item that is not sanitzed at their station before they touch a client
    • at any time they leave salon and return, such as taking out the garbage or going to have their break outdoors
Providing personal services
  • knowing wearing a non-surgical mask reduce the chances of spread of wearer’s droplets to other all staff must wear a cotton mask or a disposable surgical mask at all the times
  • Staff are provided with face shield as another layer of barrier which must be worn with a face mask.
  • We do not provide services where clients or staff cannot wear masks
  • workers will wear gloves whenever possible
Tools and Equipments
  • All tools are sanitized after each client using CS-20
  • Stations are sanitized with lysol or alcohol after each service
  • Floor is sanitized at the end or the day with
  • All disposable items are discarded after one time use
Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting
  • All areas which brought into contact with clients will be cleaned multiple times in a day
  • Section of front desk where client stands while making a payment will be sanitized after every client
  • disposable plastic barrier film will be applied on keypad of intrac machine for easier sanitization